The Ultimate Communications Tool for a Shipping Surge: Hytera MD782G


“St. George Logistics, a major shipping company, anticipates this holiday season to be bigger than last year’s. The company predicts that it will doing double the shipping volume compared to the year before. This means by Christmas, millions of packages will be shipped out, leaving the employees scrambling to communicate sensitive information as quickly as possible. While cell phones allow most of us to talk and complete simple tasks in apps, the two-way radio is a more powerful device for the complex operations of fleets.

The amount of shipping volume around the country for retailers is expanding more quickly now that the holidays are upon us. Employees are working longer hours than ever this year. In fact, Anthony Mayor, who has spent two decades with St. George Logistics, and he’s never seen fulfillment center employees work Saturdays after Thanksgiving. However, because of the high demand for shipping this season, this policy had to change to keep up with demand.

Between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders last year,” Mayor explains, “the volume crushed us. We were a full three days behind on outbound processing, which cause us to suffer the next two weeks with our on-time numbers.

This kind of thing didn’t just happen to St. George’s. Retail brands around the country have been working longer hours to keep up with the tide of online orders.

With this kind of traffic and demand, communicating with speed and clarity has never been so crucial. Because of this, two-way radios like the Hytera MD782G are an essential tool in a fleet’s service. Its state-of-the-art voice transmission offers perfect audio quality in loud environments, and its digital encryption brings this radio into the modern world. The MD782G offers an encryption algorithm in accordance with DMRA that guarantees a secure line of communication between shippers.

In addition, the intuitive interface found on the high-resolution LCD screen offers a transparent display in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. It also maintains software that is programmed to be upgraded, allowing now features to be downloaded with ease. In turn, this diminishes the need to purchase new radios, as yours will always have relevant software. Coupled with its fail-safe reliability, the radio is durable even in challenging environments.

Speed and efficiency are key during the craziness of the holiday season. While truck fleets have more options than ever when it comes to communication, professionals choose the MD782G series. With versatile digital functions ideal for the shipping environment, ergonomic design, and effortless user interface, this is the only radio that can stand up to the challenges this season presents.

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