Trust Hytera to Keep Black Friday Calm


Black Friday. In the past it was simply the day after Thanksgiving – when Americans, stuffed with pumpkin pie, would wake up early to brave frigid temperatures and kick start their holiday shopping by catching a few good deals. But today, Black Friday has expanded to countries around the globe, transforming itself into a worldwide phenomenon. Hordes of shoppers now … Read More

Hytera, Marcus Communications, & the Longevity of Two-Way Technology


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For over 45 years, Marcus Communications has committed itself to providing superior communications solutions to clients in both private and public sectors. Police departments, fire engine companies, emergency medical services, urban engineers, and taxi companies are just a few of the customers that have turned to Marcus to meet their specific communications needs. Founded in 1969 in Manchester, Connecticut, by … Read More

The best digital radio for retail is durable, hands-free and long-lasting


As a shopper, you know a big part of a positive shopping experience is a helpful staff who can answer questions and help find the products you need. Customers turn to store employees not only to find what they are looking for, but for product knowledge and advice as well. A staff member who efficiently answers a question or solves … Read More

Hytera Makes Shopping More Secure


We live in challenging times. Crime and the fear of domestic terrorism are huge concerns for large public buildings of all kinds, but the neighborhood mall presents special problems. Property managers and store owner/managers want shopping centers to be fun, inviting spaces, encouraging shoppers to come and spend both time and money. But mall management and customers also want to … Read More