Radios in Racing


In 2015, Hytera Communications proudly sponsored Pegasus Racing by providing a total communication system for the entire team. The system used DMR technology, ensuring the driver and pit crew had a seamless connection for the entire race. As the leading provider of professional two-way radio solutions, Hytera made a significant difference in the team’s ability to perform. The FIA World … Read More

Hytera Makes Stadiums More Secure


Thousands of cars flock to the parking area, and thousands of people throng through the ticket gates on their way to an event in your stadium. To the casual observer, it looks like chaos. But the venue operators know it’s really an intricate dance maintained by a staff dedicated to providing proper security and a positive experience for guests. From … Read More

Communication on the Golf Course


  To the casual spectator, golf may appear to be a leisurely game. However, anyone who plays knows that golf requires a large amount of skill and dedication. Just like any other sport, having an unsafe course not only ruins the gameplay itself, but can also be dangerous for players. According to MyTPI, “Golf is a game that is played … Read More

Two-Way Radios: An Indispensable Tool for Security


Secret Service agents use them when protecting government officials and foreign dignitaries. Police officers use them when patrolling neighborhood streets. Even nightclub bouncers use them when revelers fill dance halls on weekend nights. They’re the one indispensable tool found in the arsenal of any operation providing security protection or enforcement. We’re not talking about guns, or Tasers, or any weapon for that matter. The single … Read More

Nightclub Security: Why the Nightlife Industry is Embracing Radio Solutions


Most nightlife guests don’t often consider the amount of work and communication involved in running a business, especially one as fast paced as a bar or nightclub. The driving bass of each song overwhelms the conversation, and eardrums lose themselves in the flurried noise of a hundred different conversations, drinks sliding across counter tops, and bathroom doors slamming open and … Read More

Communication Amidst Chaos: Hytera Develops Communications Solutions Designed to Meet the Unique Demands of Complex Gaming Environments


At one time, the term “casino” simply implied a room employed for gaming and gambling.  The obvious limits of the traditional definition do not simply fail to capture the full scope and ever-accelerating vibrancy of diverse offerings in the gaming industry. To misconceive this operational space risks significant strategic oversights in the complex administrative demands of casino management.  Hytera holds … Read More