Make Firefighting Safer With Hytera


Firefighters work in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Reliable communication can mean life or death, for both the firefighter and the victims of the disaster. The radio is the lifeline that connects firefighters to command and outside assistance in the most desperate of situations. To work in these kinds of environments, it’s essential to have the ability to communicate, immediately … Read More

Why hospitals depend on Hytera America to power their digital communication


Whether you’re at the reception desk, next to the MRI machine, or speaking one-on-one with a patient, having a way to immediately and reliably reach your healthcare colleagues is essential for any hospital professional. When lives are at stake in a assisted living facility or medical office, healthcare providers depend on fast, reliable wireless communication. Unfortunately, cell phones and wireless … Read More

Emergency Services and the Imperative for Radio Solutions


Firefighters, police officers and EMTs all have one thing in common – they need good technical communication tools in order to serve, aid, and protect their communities. Hytera America, a full-solutions supplier founded in 1993, provides emergency service personnel, government agencies, and associated businesses with certified wireless communications systems for civic safety, transportation, commercial and light industrial uses. Hytera’s dependable … Read More