Communication Better Serves the Community, a Case Study


Reliable and clear communication between drivers and dispatch is essential for the HVCC to provide these extremely beneficial services. The outdated radio system HVCC was using had constant static, making communications difficult to receive, and leading to inefficiencies and overall frustration. The HVCC turned to Hytera for help. As the industry leader in advanced digital mobile radio (DMR) technology, Hytera … Read More

Communication Systems for Government and Mass Transit by Hytera


Large-scale government projects require a variety of resources like time, money, collaboration of all parties involved, and of course – communication. When you take a look at an example like New York City’s biggest expansion of their subway system in 50 years, adding the 2nd Avenue Line, it presents itself as a quite the formidable challenge to undertake in all … Read More

The Ultimate Communications Tool for a Shipping Surge: Hytera MD782G


“St. George Logistics, a major shipping company, anticipates this holiday season to be bigger than last year’s. The company predicts that it will doing double the shipping volume compared to the year before. This means by Christmas, millions of packages will be shipped out, leaving the employees scrambling to communicate sensitive information as quickly as possible. While cell phones allow … Read More

Hytera introduces the PD982 handheld radio


No matter what your business is—oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation or public safety, communication is key. However, in these industries, there’s very little time to talk face-to-face. In fact, much of the time you might find yourself and your coworkers separated by stretches of road, oil field or factory floor, and a lot can depend on clean communication across those … Read More

What are the Benefits of Hytera XPT?


With a limited electromagnetic spectrum, wireless radio users have to share frequencies. A trunked radio system allows an individual to make better use of the channels, which is especially important for critical communications like crowd control, traffic control, and relief work. Hytera, the leader in two-way radio solutions for businesses, developed XPT Digital Trunking System/ XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunk) empowers … Read More