Hytera BD502 Radios


The only thing that makes massive holiday shipping volume manageable is communication. Warehouses of all sizes rely on that communication like no other. The Hytera BD502 is our answer to the question “How” asked by warehouse managers and coordinators around the country this time every year. The radio is the one vital piece of equipment universal to warehouse managers, packers … Read More

Hytera’s Introduction of the Entry-Level BD Series of Radios Boosts Analog-To-Digital Migration


Since launching the PD7 series as the first members of its digital mobile radio (DMR) portfolio in 2010, Hytera has driven a massive analog-to-digital migration among two-way radio users worldwide, while promoting the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) DMR open standard by introducing new terminals, infrastructures, and applications. Hytera vigorously invests in research and development, and is the number one … Read More

How Hytera Created An Innovative Communication Solution On The Mountain


Ski resorts provide relaxation and fun for families on vacation, couples looking for a romantic getaway, and extreme sport enthusiasts. According to an international report on snow and mountain tourism, over 115 million people visit ski resorts worldwide in a given year. Despite being a thrilling form of entertainment, tackling the slopes has no shortage of dangers. The variety of … Read More

Trust Hytera to Keep Black Friday Calm


Black Friday. In the past it was simply the day after Thanksgiving – when Americans, stuffed with pumpkin pie, would wake up early to brave frigid temperatures and kick start their holiday shopping by catching a few good deals. But today, Black Friday has expanded to countries around the globe, transforming itself into a worldwide phenomenon. Hordes of shoppers now … Read More

Make Hytera America, Inc. the Other End of Your Two-Way Radio Solution

MarketScaleDMR TIER II

Many people working worldwide are employed by companies housed in large buildings. Some of these facilities are 100,000 square feet or more in size, with thousands of staff members under one roof. A facilities manager (FM) is the person in charge of maintaining a large facility, coordinating the planning, construction, and maintenance of its equipment. Ensuring that the proper temperature … Read More