Hytera’s Introduction of the Entry-Level BD Series of Radios Boosts Analog-To-Digital Migration


Since launching the PD7 series as the first members of its digital mobile radio (DMR) portfolio in 2010, Hytera has driven a massive analog-to-digital migration among two-way radio users worldwide, while promoting the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) DMR open standard by introducing new terminals, infrastructures, and applications.

Hytera vigorously invests in research and development, and is the number one creator of DMR Tier III radios, with a 65% market share, and a rank of number two in DMR terminal among all Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) brands.
Naturally, we’re very proud to announce a new product line.

The Business Digital Radio series, or BD series, is a cost-effective entry-level series of handheld radios offering various feature enhancements like our already existing PD3/4/5 series.

This launch expands a versatile DMR portfolio of products ideal for smaller-scale business uses.

The two models of the BD series

The initial release of the BD series includes two models: BD302 and BD502, which adopt two-slot TDMA technology and provide output power from 2 to 5 watt and capacity up to 256 channels, with compact and lightweight design. In either analog or digital mode, these entry-level DMR radios are perfect for users who simply need voice communications or need to replace their aging analog radios due to local mandates.

For users desiring better communications tools on limited budgets and spectrum resources, the BD series delivers a simple and robust clear-voice solution. The BD302 radio, which provides professional communication in an easy to operate way, is ideal for retail shops or in a shopping mall environment. The BD302 is also the ideal radio to use in schools, because it allows for instant communication versus using a telephone landline or a cell phone where the reception could be hampered by the building. The BD502 radio, with its rugged and reliable design, is perfect to use in large warehouses. It’s the perfect radio to use for shipping companies where their workspace can cover thousands of square feet, which is important because workers aren’t always near each other or even in the same building.

In 2016, we have introduced the entry level BD series and flagship model PD982, and enhanced the mid-tier models,” said Dylan Liu, International Marketing Director of Hytera. “With another IA-level Zone 0 applicable intrinsically safe portable radio, Hytera re-invigorates its DMR terminal portfolio. The introduction of BD series will give another boost to the migration trend.

Looking to explore what the BD series can do for your business?

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