Digital Radios: New Technology Offers Advanced Benefits


The benefits of switching from analog to digital two-way radios may not be obvious at first. Though many organizations are unaware of the advantages of going digital, it is important to keep pace with the technology as it evolves. Improvements in communications have led to greater efficiency, longer battery life, and a wider range, making digital radios a better choice … Read More

Whitepaper: Migrate to XPT


Many existing SMR networks are currently utilizing the distributed-trunking LTR (Logic Trunked Radio) technology, also known as PassPort. This radio network technology is rapidly approaching end of life and will no longer be supported. As a result, system operators are faced with the challenge of migrating their systems to modern digital technology while maintaining consistent service levels to their customers. … Read More

Communication Better Serves the Community, a Case Study


Reliable and clear communication between drivers and dispatch is essential for the HVCC to provide these extremely beneficial services. The outdated radio system HVCC was using had constant static, making communications difficult to receive, and leading to inefficiencies and overall frustration. The HVCC turned to Hytera for help. As the industry leader in advanced digital mobile radio (DMR) technology, Hytera … Read More

Education, Safety, and Communication, a Case Study


Getting a quality education is a prerequisite for children and young adults to succeed in today’s global market. Students have a right to feel secure in the educational environment, and parents want to ensure their children are guaranteed as much safety as possible. Optimum safety measures include a reliable and rapid response communication system for school and security personnel. In … Read More