Trust Hytera to Keep Black Friday Calm


Black Friday. In the past it was simply the day after Thanksgiving – when Americans, stuffed with pumpkin pie, would wake up early to brave frigid temperatures and kick start their holiday shopping by catching a few good deals. But today, Black Friday has expanded to countries around the globe, transforming itself into a worldwide phenomenon. Hordes of shoppers now … Read More

Hytera Radio Solutions for Airlines


In today’s world, airline communication is of paramount importance. With the number of travelers passing through airports increasing almost every year, the task of ensuring their safety grows in both difficulty and complexity. In fact, according the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Department of Transportation Statistics, the number of passengers on U.S.-based flights reached an all-time high of 895.5 million in … Read More

Radios in Racing


In 2015, Hytera Communications proudly sponsored Pegasus Racing by providing a total communication system for the entire team. The system used DMR technology, ensuring the driver and pit crew had a seamless connection for the entire race. As the leading provider of professional two-way radio solutions, Hytera made a significant difference in the team’s ability to perform. The FIA World … Read More

Hytera Reveals its Vision and Future Plan for next generation broadband LTE Development during keynote address at IWCE’s Critical LTE Communications Forum


Hytera America was pleased to present the keynote address at the IWCE’s Critical LTE Communications Forum, a new business technology conference focused on mission-critical LTE network solutions at McCormick Place in Chicago earlier this month. Senior Vice President G.S. Kok of Hytera Communications joined other global leaders in the technology communications industry for this important forum addressing the future of … Read More

Hytera introduces the PD982 handheld radio


No matter what your business is—oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation or public safety, communication is key. However, in these industries, there’s very little time to talk face-to-face. In fact, much of the time you might find yourself and your coworkers separated by stretches of road, oil field or factory floor, and a lot can depend on clean communication across those … Read More