Make Firefighting Safer With Hytera


Firefighters work in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Reliable communication can mean life or death, for both the firefighter and the victims of the disaster. The radio is the lifeline that connects firefighters to command and outside assistance in the most desperate of situations. To work in these kinds of environments, it’s essential to have the ability to communicate, immediately … Read More

Make Hytera America, Inc. the Other End of Your Two-Way Radio Solution

MarketScaleDMR TIER II

Many people working worldwide are employed by companies housed in large buildings. Some of these facilities are 100,000 square feet or more in size, with thousands of staff members under one roof. A facilities manager (FM) is the person in charge of maintaining a large facility, coordinating the planning, construction, and maintenance of its equipment. Ensuring that the proper temperature … Read More

Hytera Makes Shopping More Secure


We live in challenging times. Crime and the fear of domestic terrorism are huge concerns for large public buildings of all kinds, but the neighborhood mall presents special problems. Property managers and store owner/managers want shopping centers to be fun, inviting spaces, encouraging shoppers to come and spend both time and money. But mall management and customers also want to … Read More