Why hospitals depend on Hytera America to power their digital communication


Whether you’re at the reception desk, next to the MRI machine, or speaking one-on-one with a patient, having a way to immediately and reliably reach your healthcare colleagues is essential for any hospital professional. When lives are at stake in a assisted living facility or medical office, healthcare providers depend on fast, reliable wireless communication. Unfortunately, cell phones and wireless … Read More

Communication on the Golf Course


  To the casual spectator, golf may appear to be a leisurely game. However, anyone who plays knows that golf requires a large amount of skill and dedication. Just like any other sport, having an unsafe course not only ruins the gameplay itself, but can also be dangerous for players. According to MyTPI, “Golf is a game that is played … Read More

Two-Way Radios: An Indispensable Tool for Security


Secret Service agents use them when protecting government officials and foreign dignitaries. Police officers use them when patrolling neighborhood streets. Even nightclub bouncers use them when revelers fill dance halls on weekend nights. They’re the one indispensable tool found in the arsenal of any operation providing security protection or enforcement. We’re not talking about guns, or Tasers, or any weapon for that matter. The single … Read More