Emergency Services and the Imperative for Radio Solutions


Firefighters, police officers and EMTs all have one thing in common – they need good technical communication tools in order to serve, aid, and protect their communities. Hytera America, a full-solutions supplier founded in 1993, provides emergency service personnel, government agencies, and associated businesses with certified wireless communications systems for civic safety, transportation, commercial and light industrial uses. Hytera’s dependable … Read More

Nightclub Security: Why the Nightlife Industry is Embracing Radio Solutions


Most nightlife guests don’t often consider the amount of work and communication involved in running a business, especially one as fast paced as a bar or nightclub. The driving bass of each song overwhelms the conversation, and eardrums lose themselves in the flurried noise of a hundred different conversations, drinks sliding across counter tops, and bathroom doors slamming open and … Read More

How Airports are Protecting Passengers with Advanced Radio Solutions


Airports are very complex work environments, making communications between staff members difficult. In order to properly relay information, airports need communication systems that can work indoors, outdoors, and even through giant metal bodies – like airplanes.  And they need to do all of this over large distances. Not only are these environments strenuous on communication, but airports facilitate large numbers … Read More