Improved Connectivity: Hytera Optimizes Utilities


In a growing economy, the infrastructure required to support development is immense. And while wireless communications can lower these relative costs by reducing investments in telecom, they also have an unexpected impact on utilities. Hytera, a world leader in radio communications, helps utility companies manage the deployment of new infrastructure. By enabling wireless on-the-job communication they help traditional wired and … Read More

Hytera Free Demo Radio Program for Schools and Businesses


Radio technology has been a cornerstone of staff communication for a wide range of businesses and facilities. Being able to communicate across wide distances on organized channels keeps teams, like security personnel, school faculty, or construction crews, on task and working smoothly. These types of organizations could benefit largely from having the most up-to-date radio technology in the hands of … Read More

Hytera Powering Safety with Radio in the Show-Me State


Madison County, Missouri is 494 square miles criss-crossed by highways Route 67 and Route 72. Just over 10,000 people live in the county, and as a rural area of Missouri, it lacks the infrastructure of more populated areas, such as the greater St. Louis area. One challenge with the vast expanses that make up the county is the lack of … Read More