Connect larger groups easily with a scalable, distributed digital trunking solution



Your operation’s continuous communication is too crucial to experience interruptions or system overload. In fact, this kind of scenario is the stuff of nightmares. And it should be if you’re relying on older communications technology. The legacy Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) systems provide some advantages such as enhancing range, capacity, and privacy, but limitations do exist. A key drawback of … Read More

The best digital radio for retail is durable, hands-free and long-lasting



As a shopper, you know a big part of a positive shopping experience is a helpful staff who can answer questions and help find the products you need. Customers turn to store employees not only to find what they are looking for, but for product knowledge and advice as well. A staff member who efficiently answers a question or solves … Read More

Rural public safety officials go digital with Hytera America

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Did you know residents of small towns are more likely to be killed on the road than those who live in urban areas? The 2010 U.S. Census reports 19% of Americans live in rural areas. Yet, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 55% of fatal automobile accidents occurred in rural areas in the same year. Small towns depend … Read More

What are the Benefits of Hytera XPT?



With a limited electromagnetic spectrum, wireless radio users have to share frequencies. A trunked radio system allows an individual to make better use of the channels, which is especially important for critical communications like crowd control, traffic control, and relief work. Hytera, the leader in two-way radio solutions for businesses, developed XPT Digital Trunking System/ XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunk) empowers … Read More

Make Firefighting Safer With Hytera

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Firefighters work in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Reliable communication can mean life or death, for both the firefighter and the victims of the disaster. The radio is the lifeline that connects firefighters to command and outside assistance in the most desperate of situations. To work in these kinds of environments, it’s essential to have the ability to communicate, immediately … Read More

Make Hytera America, Inc. the Other End of Your Two-Way Radio Solution

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Many people working worldwide are employed by companies housed in large buildings. Some of these facilities are 100,000 square feet or more in size, with thousands of staff members under one roof. A facilities manager (FM) is the person in charge of maintaining a large facility, coordinating the planning, construction, and maintenance of its equipment. Ensuring that the proper temperature … Read More

Hytera Makes Shopping More Secure



We live in challenging times. Crime and the fear of domestic terrorism are huge concerns for large public buildings of all kinds, but the neighborhood mall presents special problems. Property managers and store owner/managers want shopping centers to be fun, inviting spaces, encouraging shoppers to come and spend both time and money. But mall management and customers also want to … Read More

Why hospitals depend on Hytera America to power their digital communication

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Whether you’re at the reception desk, next to the MRI machine, or speaking one-on-one with a patient, having a way to immediately and reliably reach your healthcare colleagues is essential for any hospital professional. When lives are at stake in a assisted living facility or medical office, healthcare providers depend on fast, reliable wireless communication. Unfortunately, cell phones and wireless … Read More

Communication on the Golf Course



  To the casual spectator, golf may appear to be a leisurely game. However, anyone who plays knows that golf requires a large amount of skill and dedication. Just like any other sport, having an unsafe course not only ruins the gameplay itself, but can also be dangerous for players. According to MyTPI, “Golf is a game that is played … Read More

Two-Way Radios: An Indispensable Tool for Security

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Secret Service agents use them when protecting government officials and foreign dignitaries. Police officers use them when patrolling neighborhood streets. Even nightclub bouncers use them when revelers fill dance halls on weekend nights. They’re the one indispensable tool found in the arsenal of any operation providing security protection or enforcement. We’re not talking about guns, or Tasers, or any weapon for that matter. The single … Read More